Helping good companies become great.


Reduces health costs for both
employees and company.



Recognition for years of service, reduces turnover, aids in employee recruitment, provides a structured way to reward long time personnel.


Production & Performance

Drives productivity awareness;
helps achieve production and sales goals.


Structured program focused on improving employee morale, which helps increase productivity and employee retention.


Reduces costs associated with compliance
violations, increases employee awareness
of compliance requirements.



Reinforces corporate safety policies, reduces Worker Comp premiums, and reduces personal injuries, thus saving costs to both employee and employer.


A properly implemented Incentive Program is an extremely effective way to recognize employee contributions and modify employee culture and behavior. It provides a focused, structured, and reportable system for achieving company goals.

Our Incentive Programs have been used by companies to achieve success in the following areas:

  1. Drive increased awareness and concern for safety.
    Reduce the number of personal injuries and accidents.
    Reduce Workers’ Compensation and insurance premiums.
    Recognizes all employees who succeed in meeting corporate safety objectives.

  2. The program supplements, reinforces and enhances existing production standards.
    Increase in total productivity awareness.
    Reduce re­work and decreases downtime.

  3. Provides an exciting and visual program for motivating employees to make health based changes in their lives.
    Recognize employee goal achievement in numerous health related areas.
    Reduce overall medical and health insurance costs by encouraging an employee workforce that is healthier and less likely to require the use of medical services.

  4. Improve employee morale with a structured and focused rewards and recognition system.
    Employees feel appreciated for their loyalty, service and contributions.


We’ve been doing them for over 30 years and have worked out all the hitches and glitches.
The key is to identify existing or potential problems you wish to solve, and then design a program to address those specific problems, set goals, establish benchmarks, and closely monitor progress. That’s why our programs have always been — and always will be — custom. Because, when it’s all said and done, they’re your progams too!

This results in greatly reduced start-up costs, employee time expenditure, and a “no-surprises” fixed budget for every project.
A few up-front meetings with us to plan your program, and you’re off and running.

Once the program is in place, you don’t incur any costs until your company goals are achieved.

Ours is a total, turn-key approach from start to finish, featuring a full range of desireable brand name products in a wide range of prices. Our online fulfillment software is flexible, customizable, and easy to use.
In short, everything you need to ensure your program’s success.

  1. Our consultant meets with your company to determine the objectives of your specific program, identify problems and solutions, and set long-term and corresponding incremental short-term goals.

  2. A custom packet of materials is designed and assembled for presentation to all management and employees, describing in specific detail how the program will proceed.

  3. Each employee has an account on our online redemption website where they log in, track their accumulated points and progress, redeem points for rewards, etc. Our fully automated, customizable system does all the tracking and reporting for you.

  4. As goals are achieved, employees accumulate points to acknowledge their progress.

  5. Your employees get to choose their own rewards, as opposed to trying to find a single reward that will appeal to everybody. Rewards can also be given to teams, thus encouraging effective group performance.

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